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SATriage is poised to introduce unique and powerful capabilities to the Application Security Testing (AST) marketplace, providing greatly enhanced and efficient software security and code correctness insights to existing AST tools.

SATriage triages defects >99% faster and >90% more accurately than current industry methods.

Our project-specific prioritization assigns degrees of urgency to each reported defect eliminating the guesswork, noise, and cost associated with manual methods.

Our detailed yet easy to read reporting provides customers a rich and transparent snapshot of which defects are most risky, consequential, and why.

Developers are empowered to easily identify and remediate the defects that matter most early-on in the DevSecOps cycle, greatly improving code quality, customer experience and security while freeing up time for innovation.

Customers will save millions of dollars through reduced risk, improved software quality, and gained efficiencies.

Within seconds, with no required human judgment,

SATriage automates decision-making:

Imports results from ASTs

Normalizes, corrects, and merges AST results.

Determines the likelihood and importance of every consequence of each defect.

Performs false positive assessment, offering specific quick check validation information.

Performs attack vector and ease-of-exploitation analyses to determine likelihood of attack.

Triages and prioritizes results, based on application context, severity & likelihood of consequences, ease-of-exploitation, and confidence in results.

Reduces defects previously labeled as “important and urgent” by 100x.

Performs risk assessment based on application context.

Provides rich information of each defect: Risk assessment, ranking assessment, AST assessment, CWE description, CAWE description, CVE examples, CAPEC attack patterns.

Our platform’s ability to provide error prioritization and context within seconds will revolutionize how developers approach the triage, debugging and securitization process for software while saving companies millions of dollars through gained efficiencies.

Quickly and easily find the bugs most critical to your project

Generates a complete listing of defects, degrees of urgency and why

SATriage is the first automated defect analysis process that allows the developer to fully understand each defect and its context, importance, and risk factors. Our intelligent interactive platform uses an innovative suite of weighting algorithms, coupled with proprietary defect relationship data, to identify the software defects most likely to be exploited, and highlight the greatest security concerns specific to an application. SATriage quickly analyzes defects based on an application’s context and assigns a degree of urgency to each one. Context sensitivity is critical in triage to highlight the defects that are truly urgent to an application, since defect importance differs substantially based on application architecture, functionality, and usage patterns.

Defect Prioritization for Mature Open Source Project

Defect Prioritization for Mature Open Source Project

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Carnegie Mellon University
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