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No Security Experience Needed

Sample SATriage Defect Report


Immediate, Intuitive, Interactive

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SATriage is developer-friendly,  intuitive to operate, and runs in seconds.  In just three simple three steps - import AST defect data, create a project profile using the interactive prompts, and hit run - vulnerability triage is complete.  SATriage eliminates the heavy lifting and uncertainty of manually combing through hundreds, if not thousands, of errors to determine which errors are most critical or inconsequential, and why. SATriages rich reporting places the power of understanding in developers hands so they may choose to correct the most pressing defects themselves, or hand them off to a security or product team for remediation. Best of all, no security experience is necessary to narrow in on the vulnerabilities most critical to any project instantly.

Basic pie chart and number of errors in-out

Basic pie chart and number of errors in-out

How likely is an attack?

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